Why Us

In today’s cut throat world, Speed is a key attribute for success. Jaldiad.com comes from this premise, and delivers the Speed promise. Imagine the advantage you get if all collaterals, catalogues, leaflets and brochures are done days before usual deadline. This added with all quality checks in place at our end, to make your business grow faster.

The Experts

Jaldiad.com has its THINK TANK in a team of professionals across disciplines like Copy, Design, Production and Strategy. These thoroughbreds have been in the business of understanding consumer minds, through observing life through its nuances and challenges. They are well versed with the hot buttons of the brain and know how it functions to different stimuli. Your Brand and Business will only stand to gain.

Asheesh Sethi
Asheesh Sethi, Chairman – JaldiAd

Asheesh is passionate about advertising and excels at creating a top of the mind recall for the brands he works on. He started Noshe Oceanic, a full fledged advertising agency in 1988 with the sole aim of making advertising effective and result oriented. His flair for communication coupled with a go-getter attitude got him a phenomenal success and soon Noshe Oceanic was promoting over 150 retail clients. Noshe Group grew from strength to strength, proving its mettle with a diverse set of clients ranging from real estate, fashion, health care to construction.

Asheesh’s desire to keep abreast with changing times, is what gave birth to JaldiAd.com, which he believes is the model for the future.

Shalini Bahl
Shalini Bahl, Senior Vice President – JaldiAd

Shalini Bahl has over 12 years experience in Content, Strategy and Business Development.

Before relocating to India, she worked with leading advertising agencies in Dubai on international and regional brands like Al Habtoor Motors ( Mitsubishi, Saab, Rolls Royce and Bentley), Metropolitan Hotels, Orbit Satellite and TV Network, King Koil, Jordan Tourism, Dubai Department of Tourism, Rotana Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Hard Rock Cafe, Bennigans, Ceat, Chaumet and more.


The Process

Go through our services and select the ones you need. You will find our all our rates in the Price List. Make the required advance payment of 50% of your total price. You will then be directed to our Creative Brief. Fill in the necessary information, submit the form and wait to receive your work. If you prefer for us to call you, please fill in the “Contact Us” form. Our team will get in touch with you.

More About JaldiAd

Jaldiad is a first of a kind initiative which focuses on speed and a turn around time which is one of the quickest in the industry. We have combined the best of creativity with the simplest and easiest way of doing business where your design needs can be met without even physically meeting the team.

We cater to a diverse and versatile audience, and despite being a niche agency with over thirty years of experience, we have the record of not declining any work, however big or small. In a way that sets us apart from the traditional big ticket agencies who are selective about their work and have a higher turn around time.

Our unique operating model allows you to “pay as you go” and avoid lofty retainer fees that is the norm of the industry, avoiding unnecessary overheads for your business. We believe in the mantra that if you like our work, you will return again and again automatically, thus practically retaining us for your design needs. This model comes from the confidence we have in our creative talent and experience.

Jaldiad is an initiative of Noshe Oceanic, one of the foremost advertisement agencies in the NCR region and very well known in India and abroad as a trendsetter. We have handled several big brands, spread across diverse sectors and been behind innumerable landmark campaigns over the years.