Corporate signage and design- a brief history

What comes to your mind when you see a tick mark? What do you think about when you see an apple half eaten? Or say when you see a roaring lion? In an age when brands have infiltrated our very psyche, when the statement, spoken half in zest, that someday we will become slave to brands is true; in such an age, your brand identity and its impact is everything. Absolutely everything. If your brand name can become the substitute for the product name, like Xerox has become, then you have created a market which will basically eat from your hand- a virtual monopoly.

To ensure that you can create the right sort of impact, corporate signage design is absolutely critical. The right kind of corporate signage design can have the same effect on you that Carolyn Davidson’s little tick did for Nike. Now there are no fixed or set rules for creating good corporate signage design. I for one am not daring to offer any templates. But then, history itself gives us examples which can serve as templates for the later generation. Lets trace the journey of some of the most well known logos worldwide.


It looks like a lit bulb today, but the design of the Shell logo is inspired by exactly what the name suggests- a shell, or to be precise, a sea shell.