Importance of office stationary

Whenever you start a business- big or small- your branding becomes critical. Branding is essentially images that get associated largely or exclusively to a brand name. So when you see a tick on a sports equipment, you know it is Nike and when you see see a blue bird, you know it is Twitter. Now while logos define a brand, it is equally important to have other aspects of your business stand out as definitive and recognizable images. So little things like stationary design become critical for the image of the business.
Now you might ask why should one be bothered about stationary and stationary design in an age of paperless transactions and correspondence. And even if I have to use stationary, why cant I buy plain and essentially cost effective stationary from the open market? Why do I need to worry about stationary design?
Well, for one, not all transactions are paperless. Yes, even now. Some still require the old fashioned touch and there you should use your company stationary. Plain paper stands the risk of not being taken that seriously. Now call that human flaw, psyche or whatever. Hence if you observe, there are specific stationary items for specific purposes. An A4 size sheet turns sometimes to a legal document, sometimes to a certificate and sometimes as the representative of an organization, guaranteeing it’s authenticity and gravity depending on the logo or design. Hence original stationary design is not just crucial, it is absolutely critical to business.

Entrepreneurs, especially budding ones would do well to pay heed to the advice here and go for a professionally created stationary design. Stationary design includes your letterhead, business card, company notebooks and diaries, pens and envelope designs. Your business will get a unique identity and create a favorable impression about your business in the market. Further stationary being rather inexpensive, budget constraints will hardly ever be an issue. A small allotment for professionally designed stationary will go a long way in creating a good impression on your employees and customers. If you get the right kind of stationary design, stationary can be excellent “goodwill gifts” for your prospective clients and customers. Who doesn’t appreciate a good looking diary or a nice looking pen, especially if they get it as a gift. Despite the virtual world taking over our stationary and correspondence needs to a large extent, the romance of stationary continues that too hardly abated.