Importance of packaging design

Packaging is an integral part of any business. It is an indicator of your brand and often the first line of offense to a customer’s mind. Hence packaging design has become an important cog in the business wheel. Packaging ultimately is the cocktail dress your product wears to the party. The dress is part of the allure and heightens the expectation and excitement in the consumer about the product itself, thus invoking in him/her a desire to at least sample the product. And in a cut throat competitive world, that is half the battle won. And to win that half battle, a considerable amount of creativity and imagination is expended. Packaging design hence becomes one of the most important aspects of selling.
Packaging of a product presents the quality and the brand of the organization that manufactures the product. Packaging needs to be designed so that it can touch the sense of the customer and create a faith on the product. Packaging design is a technology that involves a lot of steps that can protect the product form damages and at the same time create a faith through presenting quality. Packaging helps the manufacturer save a lot through removing future damages.
Packaging design also serves the dual visual purpose of enforcing the brand image along with pulling the prospective consumer towards the brand. Apart from this a good packaging design also helps save the manufacturer a lot of money, thus bringing down costs and increasing profitability. This is especially true in today’s e-commerce driven world where your packaging design and it’s durability can be the difference between a properly delivered and a damaged product. Despite the emphasis on enforcing the brand and attracting the customer, the primary objective of packaging is to protect the product.
Only the experts who design the packaging can be relied to save the organization from a huge loss through poor packaging design. The experts know what is the material suitable for a particular kind of product. As there come different material for packaging like glass, wood, plastic, can and tin, only the expert in packaging know what to choose for a particular manufacturer. Through the right selection of a material, the product can be saved form damages.
One should ensure that they hire only an expert team for their packaging design needs. An expert and professional team is able to blend in durability with the attractive quotient while also cutting down on needless costs. They will be able to judge the suitable material to package the product and the peripherals required to ensure safety of the product at all points in the distribution channel. They will also be able to design and project the necessary graphics on the package so that your brand is enforced and the packaging design is attractive and alluring. The uniqueness of your packaging design allows your business and brand to create an independent and bold identity which deters confusion among consumers vis a vis other brands. As I read somewhere- “A picture is equal to a thousand words. A right kind of packaging design is worth a thousand commercials”. The right kind of packaging design also allows you to steer clear of “piggyback” products who might want to create confusion by making a product which looks similar. An ambiguous packaging design goes a long way into allowing such products to flourish.