The importance of website landing pages

The dot com revolution has made websites critical to any business. Ever since Google became synonymous with life, it also became synonymous with business. Website design and landing pages became new territories to conquer and website landing page design became a much sought after skill and specialty. Here we have tried to list down a few methods which can make your website landing page design more effective and help you generate more traffic on the website.
The trick is to convert the sale-
What makes Virat Kohli special and Rohit Sharma- arguably more gifted and stylish- less so in terms of overall numbers? Kohli averages in mid fifties while Rohit Sharma is struggling to find his feet still- despite hitting two double centuries in ODI’s. So what is the difference? The difference is conversion. While Sharma will play the good looking thirty or forty and get out, Kohli converts most of his starts in a three figure score. He does that by cutting the frills and focusing on the basics. Now let’s bring that concept into business. What is the rate of conversion of your landing page? Landing page is just like an inbound call center. The expectations and functions aren’t much different. However what is different is instead of a physical agent, it is the creativity and content on your landing page that makes the sale. There your website landing page design becomes absolutely critical. The landing page should be such that it not only tells about the product or service, it should also give the subtle but necessary nudge to buy. Most importantly, assuming that just like in any inbound scenario every inbound inquiry is a possible sale, the path to the sell should be not just straightforward but ridiculously easy. Your website landing page design should not just be attractive. It should gun for a sale, every single time.
Calculating costs –
Now, it is common knowledge that in order to get the necessary traffic, you will have to run protracted and well thought of campaigns on Facebook and Google through Facebook pay per click and Google AdWords. These internet marketing modules do not come free and will increase your cost of running the company. Hence, it will inevitably increase or impact the cost incurred on every sale. In such a scenario, the website landing page design must have the clarity and innovation that is required to convert a visitor into a potential customer and then get the sale made. So, an initial investment into website landing page design will go a long way in making those sales into reality.
Time spent is crucial-
The amount of time someone spends on your landing page is indicative of the quality of the website landing page design and its effectiveness. If you see the successful e-commerce websites, they have a slice of most things good and trending on their landing page. In fact, they use their landing page as an asset. They will put up their best and current offers and new arrivals on the landing page. For an established site the landing page becomes somewhat like a prime time slot on television. Your website landing page design needs to be such that it incorporates everything good and important about your organization/product. Drop the frills and get on with the express purpose of making a sale. A direct, simple and easy to comprehend design and content makes it more attractive for the consumer. Needless frills like fancy design elements etc only make the site slow and the landing page difficult to open and navigate. This results in lesser time spent from a customer.
Mobile friendly-
Remember, if it is not there in your pocket, it ain’t there at all. One of the most crucial elements of website landing page design is that it needs to be mobile friendly. Which means lesser elements, concise content and easy to access subsidiary page links. Half the world’s e-commerce happens from mobiles. Today the mobile revolution has put an android or Internet enabled phone in the hands of all and sundry- the one true egalitarian product. This has meant that the scope and variety of business has increased, as have the opportunities. A good website landing page design will not be too different from the mobile site and can play a good role in brand recollection and reinforcement.