Newsletter design- agency is still your best option

Newsletters form a very important and hugely underrated part of any business. Most businesses bring out their own newsletters. However, due to lack of attention, the newsletter designs are often not up to the mark and look amateurish at best. Most use free templates available on the internet. Well, here is the thing with free stuff folks. Its free for a reason. Newsletter design is a serious skill and art and free designs available on the internet will only get you so far. A potential client might get a very wrong idea by looking at a badly made newsletter.

I remember, as a child I used to go to my youngest aunts place a lot. Uncle used to work for ABB and there I would be fascinated at those magazine like things that would be lying around, showing ships and cruisers and other stuff. Later I would realize that they were newsletters of ABB. I still have a couple somewhere. Apart from the immaculate glossy paper and their own version of enamel white, ABB ensured that the newsletter design was just mind blowing. I mean they attracted me as a child. Imagine their effect on someone who actually can make sense of the content.

Now you might ask what does newsletter design have to do with the beauty of the content. Ultimately, who pays attention to ‘grey literature’ anyways? Now, have you heard the oft repeated adage, especially in sales- Its not what you say, but how you say that matters. Newsletter design is the “how” in the equation. So when newsletters are basically a mirror to your organization, its achievements and its mission statement, then why would you want to neglect it? Getting it designed by a professional agency will ensure that the newsletter design is standardized and beautiful and it does its basic job well- that is to catch the eye in the right manner. With a professionally designed newsletter, you can be confident of it representing your organization in the most effective manner possible and spreading some real goodwill and good vibes around.