Radio jingle writing- ignore it at your peril

Why? Well, simple. Despite radios fading away from public perception, and the good old humble radio becoming more and more obsolete, the penetration these little nondescript things have is amazing. Radio is almost always like a subconscious voice. It is always in the background somewhere and boy it leaves an imprint. When trapped in a traffic jam, it is the radio which keeps company. On long nights, driving between cities, it is the radio which keeps company. In such a scenario, your presence in that space is critical to success and your radio jingle writing must be good enough to catch the attention of the listener.

Generally, radio jingle is an aspect of creative promotion about which we are not very clear about. What is considered a good radio jingle ? Well, for starters, it is always advisable to hire someone professional for your radio jingle writing needs. Indulging amateurs in a bid to cut the costs can prove counter productive.

Secondly, one must identify the audience to reach out to before planning the radio jingle writing. This will automatically take care of the preferred language and tone. It will also give you an idea what sort of a jingle you should make- a funny one, an emotional one, a racy one, a super vibrant one etc.

Thirdly, while thinking about your radio jingle, please remember nothing goes to the heart like emotion, especially emotions like nostalgia and love. I remember that one jingle I used to be crazy about and still am. I actually downloaded it on my phone and use it as my ring tone. The nostalgia it evokes! Oh wow!. However, while playing around with emotions in your radio jingle, be careful not to make it sound cheesey and irksome. Certain TV and radio ads I have come across are so cheesy that I find them irritating and would never subscribe to those products either. Truth to tell, I indulge in a bit of anti campaigning against the product in such cases.

Now, unlike TV jingles, designs of which are dependent on the visual, and hence can only be localized through dubbing so much, radio is like a blank sheet. So localization is far more effective when it comes to radio jingle. Do get a professional language localization service to craft the jingle, suit it to the linguistic needs. There are many good agencies who do that.

Lastly do factor in “maximum impact” for your radio jingle. You will have a target audience. But the jingle should be good enough to attract others too. So, for example, if you are advertising a real estate project for the urban middle income group, you can also pull in the slightly more moneyed. Remember, radio is a very subconscious power, and it is extremely effective.