Steps to an effective poster design

When one says poster, the eyes automatically travel to the nearest wall around you. Now that’s symptomatic of the word. It also tells you that the other person knows exactly what to expect. For most of us, posters are either pin ups for our adolescent rooms or cinema posters. While I was growing up, circus was one of the main sources of interesting posters. However, they have completely disappeared. And apart from films and to an extent politics, posters have completely disappeared from the scene in metros. However you will be surprised to know how effective and cheap a marketing tool it is and how critical is your poster design in ensuring eyeballs.

Target audience- It is very important to identify one’s target audience. Its the basis of any business and poster design is no different. A minimalist wouldn’t work in the heartlands, while blingy poster design would be deemed too loud in the metros. While quantity works in certain places, its the qualitative aspect which would work in other places and among a different target audience. A poster design custom made to suit a certain audience can work wonders for your business.

Specifications- You never know what moves an audience. Apart from the theme and type, poster design also covers the technical aspects like size and paper type and quality. If I were in the hills, I would like to use recycled paper and also advertise about it in that very poster. That is earning the local goodwill. Also, posters differ depending on where you want to display them and how many of them. Do you want them big or do you want them small? Do you want high res images? What is more important- the copy or the representation?

Graphics- this is a pretty self explanatory part of poster design. If you get your graphics spot on, half the battle is won. Now offline or online, the poster is bound grab eyeballs, which is the very purpose of any marketing tool.

Printing- One would think that at least this one’s a given. But its not. A good poster design needs a good offline presentation too, which can only be achieved by paying heed to the printing. When you are getting your designs done by an agency, it might be a good idea to enter into a package deal with them of design and execute. Even if you do not know what and how to print, the agency would as they have professional experience of such things and would be in a position to give you some real advice. They would also be in the best position to tell you the type of paper and print to use.

What’s the message?- According to me, the message or the copy is the most important and an integral part of poster design. Messages can be direct, which is most preferable, or they could be stylized to suit the target audience or brand image. Employing an agency will ensure that a good copywriter is responsible for the content on the poster and the posters message remains crystal clear without losing any appeal.