What is a design agency?

Every business needs to have well rounded and easy to comprehend definitions. One should be able to assess the nature of your work and business easily. One of the most difficult things to explain to a layman is the concept of a design agency. Now creative fields are more difficult to explain. I mean for a factory worker, the very definition lies in the noun. Then say a policeman, lawyer, teacher- so simple, so easy and so well defined. Then you say design agency and all you get are blank, hapless looks. Of course, it is understandable. A design agency is a relatively new concept. In fact, most creative fields are rather new in concept and slightly niche in their reach and appeal. So what’s a design agency and how does it function, what are its uses and most importantly, what does it do?
A simple definition:
A design agency is an organization which specializes in creative design. This in essence will be a design agency’s core business. The agency will hence have a very specialized employee base too, who have specific training to cater to the needs of creating creative design content. What is also important to know is that a design agency prides and thrives on the fact that it is an independent entity. Lack of restrictions help the business proliferate and ensures profitability. And one thing we know about creative entities- they run opposite to the word “restriction”!
Who needs a design agency?
The list of industries where a design agency is in demand is varied and vast. From media to PR, from real estate to advertisement to even public transport- a design agency will get the opportunity to work in extremely diverse fields.
What is the right kind of design agency?
There are several design agencies in the market. Realistically speaking, it is very difficult to tell two agencies apart from the other in terms of work. However, these are a few considerations which might help one chose.
o Does physical distance bother you? Do you prefer doing more face to face brain storming sessions with the agency you have hired? Then you might want to go for an agency you can physically access easily. The point might seem silly, but is extremely important. Creative output is never entirely right or wrong. It is always a point of view and the game is to understand the client’s point of view and easier access to the agency can help you get the work done quicker and more in tune with your vision.
o If you are a large business, you might want to check the credentials of the design agency that you will approach. Have they worked on projects of similar size? Are you confident about their abilities to execute the project?
o Is it just a design agency or are you getting a package deal with their other arms like advertising, content etc.
o Experience of the team handling the account- this is extremely important as you might have approached a big agency only to be straddled with a new and untested team. That’s not saying that the young guns wont pull it off. However as a client, you might want to play safe.
o Are all the arms or departments concerning your work in house or is some of the work going to be outsourced? If anything is going to be outsourced, then to whom? Can I trust them too?
The IT explosion has resulted in any Tom, Dick and Harry designing websites. In such a scenario, it is the design agency which will help you get the eyeballs and hence the business required.